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The Coaching Project originated at the University of Minnesota, Bloomington. The project was initiated to provide high quality academic and athletic training to student-athletes in the state of Minnesota. The entire concept of the program was born from the need for our student-athletes to have a better understanding of sport science, specifically how to sustain excellence in performance. The Coaching Project brings together teaching professionals from the academic community, athletic departments and NCAA coaches, to share their ideas and practices on developing student-athlete excellence. The ultimate aim is to give students a realistic academic and athletic environment that enhances their knowledge, and skills as well as enhance their motivation and sense of performance.

In the last decade, sports and recreation had become an enormous revenue stream for college and universities across the United States. Sports programs are being expanded to meet the demands of student-athletes, who now demand more attention to professional development in the classroom. It is becoming increasingly difficult for college and university administrators to keep up with the time demands placed on athletes by professional sports teams, which require the athlete to be focused both on the game and in practice, in order to excel at their sport. With these demands placed on athletes, the academic and athletic teams are suffering from burnout. The Coaching Project was designed to reduce burnout in collegiate and intercollegiate sports programs by creating a new atmosphere within which coaches can be more effective.

The Coaching Project has evolved into what can be considered a national phenomenon. While initially only a few hundred coaching associates were involved in the initial project, today there are over 13 thousand coaches project leaders. These leaders participate in the Coaching Project because they want to see a better understanding between the academic community and student-athletes. They also want to see if a better understanding can reduce the number of injuries sustained by student-athletes in practice and games. By participating in the Coaching Project you will help create a healthier environment for student-athletes, enhance the student-athlete’s performance, and improve the quality of their education.

The Coaching Project provides a great opportunity for coaches and support staff to network with each other and build stronger ties with academic institutions that have an important role in the success of the Coaching Project. The Project also benefits universities by allowing them to build stronger ties with professional development programs that are interested in assisting colleges and universities in providing the resources necessary to deliver the services that will allow them to provide accredited, competitive coaching programs. Finally, the Coaching Project allows students to benefit from the valuable feedback offered by these professionals. As students begin to experience the benefits of their professional development and Coach Project experience, it is likely that they will make more informed decisions about their future coaching future and about where they should be in five years.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to students is the opportunity to participate in a high-quality improvement process. Through the Coaching Project, students will gain valuable insight into the most effective ways to obtain and develop professional development goals. They will also be able to experience and apply strategies that will make them a better teacher and a better student. In short, participating in the Coaching Project will allow students to pursue a rewarding high-quality learning experience from the perspective of a broader vision and commitment to building a better future for all.

What is the cost of joining the Coaching Project? The cost of joining the Coaching Project is not included in any tuition or educational fees that you may pay for your Master’s degree or PhD. You will be charged a modest fee per month to join the Coaching Project; this fee includes an investment in your education and professional development efforts. The Coaching Project also offers a one-time payment of $400 for unlimited access to the Coaching Project database, which includes detailed surveys and focus groups. You will pay a much smaller fee for the services that you receive, however, if you wish to use the extensive database available through the Coaching Project, you will need to complete surveys and focus groups as part of your overall membership agreement.

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